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To install the Expert Advisors (EAs) for our MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms, first you must ensure the platform is functioning and connected to the correct server. Download the installer using the link M4Markets has provided you and run it. You will then see an option to select the language of the installer.

During the installation, you'll have the option to access the "Settings" menu, where you can allow DLL imports. The installer will then prompt you to select the instance of MetaTrader and the installation location. If you have previously installed the EAs, they will be uninstalled at this step, and you'll need to run the installer again to finish the installation. If you don't have the EAs installed already, you'll receive a confirmation of successful installation.

The sentiment analysis offered by our Expert Hub platform primarily concentrates on news sentiment, with over 10 million financial news articles processed each day. This approach entails examining the tone, context, and emotions conveyed in financial news to determine the overarching sentiment within the market. By doing so, our Expert Hub provides valuable insights into market trends and potential opportunities for traders.

Our Expert Hub platform assists traders in making more informed decisions by providing valuable insights into market sentiment, trends, and potential trading opportunities. By leveraging advanced analytics, natural language processing techniques, and Acuity’s proprietary algorithms, the platform processes and interprets vast amounts of financial news articles and other relevant data sources. This enables traders to better understand the underlying factors driving market movements and make data-driven decisions when executing trades.

Our Expert Hub is powered by Acuity, which employs advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques and proprietary algorithms to analyse a wide range of financial news articles from various sources. Over 30,000 sources encompass reputable financial news outlets, social media platforms, blogs, and other relevant channels that contribute to the overall market sentiment. By aggregating and processing this information, our Expert Hub generates meaningful sentiment data for traders to make informed decisions.

Our Signals and Ideas Centre creates trading signals by combining several factors, including sentiment analysis, market data, and technical indicators. The platform harnesses its sophisticated analytics and proprietary Acuity algorithms to recognise potential trading opportunities and deliver insights into market movements. These results are then filtered by expert human analysts, supervised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who do not focus on one singular strategy, but rather are tasked with presenting what they consider to be the best trading opportunities for the day. As a result, our Expert Hub offers a dynamic and adaptable solution for traders seeking actionable intelligence when navigating the financial markets.

Once you have installed the Expert Advisors (EAs) on your MetaTrader 4/5 platform, you can customise them to suit your specific trading preferences by accessing the settings within the platform. This allows traders to adjust various parameters, such as trading timeframes and asset selection, to create a tailored trading experience that aligns with their individual goals and strategies.

In addition to accessing Signal and Idea Centre alerts in their Client Portal and within the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, funded clients can also receive these alerts through the secure messaging app Telegram or via automated email alerts. This ensures that clients can stay informed about potential trading opportunities, no matter where they are or which communication channels they prefer to use.

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