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Diversify your trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments, as well as take advantage of the different opportunities that global equities markets present.

What is Indices CFD Trading?

Stock Indices, or Equity Indices, are baskets of stocks representing the performance and measuring the value of the particular stock market sector they belong to. They are usually comprised of companies which have the largest market capitalization and highest trading activity in their corresponding stock exchange (e.g. NASDAQ 100) or country (e.g. Japan’s Nikkei 225).

Each index’ value is determined by the weighted average of its stocks’ prices, where companies with the largest capitalization contribute the most weight and determine the index’ overall performance.

Trading in Indices CFDs allows investors to diversify their portfolios across a broad variety of business and industry sectors, by taking advantage of opportunities in certain markets and mitigating risks in others.

How does Indices CFD Trading work?

Acquaint yourself with some of the most popular indices traded all around the world like S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, DAX 30, FTSE 100 and Dow Jones 30.

Speculating on the movement of the indices’ prices is comparatively more secure than individual stocks since the price of an index can be affected by the price fluctuations of the companies that constitute that index.

Other factors that can influence Indices' price can be economic forecast, political uncertainty, wars, natural disasters, and hazards.

Presuming that you have examined the above factors, you are now ready to invest. Decide on the position you would like to open. If your preferred Index has the potential to rise you may choose to buy. Otherwise, if you think that your preferable index will drop, you may then prefer to sell.

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Why Trade Indices at M4Markets

Indices offer a way to hedge your existing equities market exposure. With flexible leverage and real time pricing linked to actual stock market performance, indices with low spreads offer the potential to profit from small price movements on global markets

Licenses and regulations

M4Markets is authorized and regulated by key authorities providing the highest level of client safety

Segregated Client Funds

M4Markets client funds are held in segregated trust accounts

Raw spreads from 0.0 pips

M4Markets offers interbank better spreads with no hidden fees

Ultra-fast execution

Instant execution with no slippage and no re-quotes

Symbols Specifications*

* For live spread and swap rates please refer to the trading platform

Indices Minimum Price Fluctuation Value of 1 Lot Pip Value Per 1 Lot Type of Asset
EUSTX50 0.01 1 contract 1 EUR Index
FRA40 0.01 1 contract 1 EUR Index
GER30 0.01 1 contract 1 EUR Index
IT40 0.01 1 contract 1 EUR Index
JPN225 0.01 1 contract 1 JPY Index
SPA35 0.01 1 contract 1 EUR Index
UK100 0.01 1 contract 1 GBP Index
US500 0.01 1 contract 1 USD Index
NAS100 0.01 1 contract 1 USD Index
US30 0.01 1 contract 1 USD Index
US2000 0.01 1 contract 1 USD Index
HK50 0.01 1 contract 1 HKD Index
CN50 0.01 1 contract 1 USD Index

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss