M4Markets gives clients an easy access to the most popular commodities.


Commodity markets are attractive for speculators as they can be susceptible to dramatic changes in supply and demand.

What is Commodities Trading?

Commodities markets offer you the opportunity to benefit from changes in the supply and demand of traded goods worldwide, while merchants lock and protect their prices on future deliveries. Popular commodity groups include metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium), energy (crude oil, brent oil, natural gas), grains (corn, wheat) and other soft commodities (sugar, cocoa, coffee).


They offer great investment opportunities, due to their steadily high demand, allowing for portfolio risk management and diversification, especially during periods of inflation or economic instability.


*Soft Commodities and grains are excluded from M4Markets' range of products offered



How does Commodities Trading work?

When trading CFDs on commodities, you do not own the underlying asset of the CFD that you are buying. As an investor, you must speculate how the exciting market of commodities will react to a variety of factors that affect our everyday lives.

To speculate on commodity price movement, you need to take into consideration factors like the weather, trade disputes, wars, geopolitical changes and all the environmental changes that can affect the commodity prices and cause market volatility.

Taking into consideration the above factors, you can speculate whether the price of the commodity you want to trade will rise or fall. You can then go long/buy or go short/sell with the expectation to make profits. Some of the most popular traded commodities include Crude oil, Gold, Brent oil, Silver, Natural Gas, Corn, Soybeans and Coffee.

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

Why Trade Commodities at M4Markets?

M4Markets gives clients a flexible and easy way to gain exposure to some of the world’s most popular commodities. Commodities present good diversification for traders, since their prices are based around the movement and delivery of physical assets.

Licenses and regulations

M4Markets is authorized and regulated by key authorities providing the highest level of client safety

Segregated Client Funds

M4Markets client funds are held in segregated trust accounts

Raw spreads from 0.0 pips

M4Markets offers interbank better spreads with no hidden fees

Ultra-fast execution

Instant execution with no slippage and no re-quotes

Symbols Specifications*

* For live spread and swap rates please refer to the trading platform XPDUSD0.011 oz0.01 USDMetals

Commodities Minimum Price Fluctuation Value of 1 Lot Pip Value Per 1 Lot Type of Asset
XTIUSD 0.01 1 barrel 0.01 USD Energies
XBRUSD 0.01 1 barrel 0.01 USD Energies
XAUUSD 0.01 100 oz 1 Metals
XAGUSD 0.001 5000 oz 5 Metals
XPTUSD 0.01 1 oz 0.01 USD Metals

Trading with M4Markets

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss