Free Forex Trading Course – Become an Investor

11:00 [GMT +2]
At M4Markets we take trading education seriously.
We understand that trading is very time consuming, especially because the need to learn and evolve is constant. The key to becoming more experienced in the markets is to ensure that you have a good grasp on essential trading concepts and to continuously be up to date with global and local news and financial events.
To help you get a good grip on forex essentials, we are joining forces with Ron Muchaka, a seasoned trader with more than seven years of experience in the markets with a track record of consistent profitability.
Through the six-week training course, Ron will be taking you from basic forex concepts like what is trading to how to manage your risk.
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Session 1
November 30 – 11:00am GMT+2
1. What Is Forex Trading?
o My forex trading journey
o What is trading?
o Why should you trade forex?
o How to avoid getting scammed
o How to become an investor

Session 2
December 7 – 11:00am GMT+2
2. The Basics Of Forex Trading (Part 1)
o Currency Pairs - Majors & Minors, Base & Quote Currencies
o What is a pip?
o What is a lot?
o Margin & Leverage

Session 3
December 14 – 11:00 GMT+2
3. The Basics Of Forex Trading (Part 2)
o Margin & Leverage
o What is spread?
o Profit & Loss
o Balance, Equity, Free Margin, Margin Level, Margin Call, Stop Out

Session 4
December 21 – 11:00 GMT+2
4. Technical & Fundamental Analysis
o Technical Analysis - Support & Resistance, Trendlines, Indicators
o Fundamental Analysis - Understanding A Country’s Economy, Interest Rates, Economic Calendar
o Should I Use Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Session 5
January 4 – 11:00 GMT+2
5. Introduction To MetaTrader 4
o What is MT4?
o How to install MT4
o User Interface, chart types, timeframes, indicators, order types
o Practical examples

Session 6
January 11– 11:00 GMT+2
6. Risk Management & Trading Psychology
o What is risk?
o How do you manage risk?
o What is trading psychology?
o How do you manage your emotions when trad
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