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Trading FAQs

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After your documents are uploaded and approved, thus verifying your profile, then you can open a trading account.
The credentials of your trading account will be sent by email and you can simply download the MT4 platform from our website, fund your account and start trading.

Spreads for the VIP and Elite account types are raw, hence they start from 0. For Standard accounts, spreads begin from 1.1 pips.
Depending on market conditions, spreads may fluctuate (increase or decrease).

Margin is the amount of money that you need to open a trade, divided by the leverage or multiplied by the margin requirement, depending on the instrument.

Margin Level is Equity divided by Margin used. I.e., Marin Level = Equity / Margin

Free Margin is Equity - Margin. I.e., Free Margin = Equity - Margin.

Margin is always calculated in the instrument currency, which is then converted to the account currency.

Example for Forex: Lots * 100,000 / Account Leverage in Base Currency

Example for DE30.c (Dow Jones 30 Cash Index): Lots * 1 * Opening Price * Margin Requirement%

Example for AAPL.QQ (Apple Shares): Lots * 1 * Opening Price * Margin Requirement%

Contract Size of Gold is 100 ounces, whereas for Silver it is 5,000 ounces.

For XAUEUR: (Lots * 100 * Open Price * Margin Requirement%) EUR

For XAGUSD: (Lots * 5,000 * Open Price * Margin Requirement%) USD

The margin formula of CFDs: Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Requirement %.

The swap formula is: Swap Long/Short in points * Point Value * Lots in quote currency.

Please note that, depending on the instrument,the swap triples on one day of the week .

Example: 5 Lots Buy GBP/USD where Swap Long is -1.909. 1 point is equivalent to 1 USD.

Hence, 5 * 1 * (-1.909) = -9.55, 1 day swap for 5 Lots Buy GBP/USD

Example: 2.25 Lots Sell GBP/JPY where Swap Short is -2.852. 1 point is equivalent to 100 JPY.

Hence, 2.25 * 100 * (-2.852) = -641.70 JPY

Example: 14.10 Lots Buy WTI_OIL, where Swap Long is -12.075 points. 1 point is equivalent to 0.01 USD.

Hence, 14.10 * 0.01 * (-12.075) = -1.70 USD

Stop Loss is an order which can be placed by clients in order to minimize losses or limit profits. For Buy orders, Stop loss can be placed only below current price; whereas for Sell orders, Stop Loss can be placed only above current price.

Take Profit is an order which can be placed by clients in order to automatically close a position when a certain Take Profit price is triggered. For Buy orders, Take Profit can be placed only above current price; whereas for Sell orders, Take Profit can be placed only below current price.

Amount of Base Currency * Pips= Value in Quote Currency


Value of 1 pip in AUD/USD= 1 Lot (100 000 €)*0.0001= 10 USD

Value of 1 pip in GBP/CHF= 1 Lot (100 000 $)*0.0001=10 CHF

Value of 1 pip in AUD/JPY=1 Lot (100 000 €)*0.01= 1000 JPY

The profit calculation for CFDs is (Close Price-Open Price)*Lots*Contract Size.

Please note that the lot size on every CFD differs.

No, open positions will remain open except in certain market conditions, ex. if Stop Loss or Take Profit is triggered, or bulk closing on futures. Trailing Stops and Expert Advisors become inactive when your MT4 account is offline.

In case you cannot login to your account to close an open position, you can call us or request it by email from the email address you have used for registering your account.

Go to your MT4 platform, right-click on "Account history" in the MT4 terminal window, set the time period by selecting "Custom period", and then right-click on "Save report".

There is no maximum amount to trade online.

While Swaps are for 7 days a week, Brokerages are open for trading 5 days a week. Therefore, during a given week day, swap triples to cover the cost for the weekend.

Yes, we offer negative balance protection for all of our retail clients.

The minimum trade size for Forex is 0.01 lots and the maximum trade size is 100 lots. The maximum amount of orders you can open on an MT4 account is 200.

M4Markets is an FSA Seychelles regulated broker with a fully automated No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution model, providing liquidity from global, top-tier banks and hedge funds.

Our average execution speed is around 0.15 seconds.

Margin call is at 100% and Stop Out Level at 60%.

Forex trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can trade from Monday 00:05 to Thursday 00:00 and on Friday from 00:05 until 23:59 (MT4 Server time).

For CFDs on Stock Indices and WTI, please see our Trading Hours page where we have specific trading hours listed.

The server time is set to GMT+2 and GMT+3 during DST in the US and Europe.

For the Live Server you select TrinotaMarkets-Live, and for the Demo server you select TrinotaMarkets-Demo.

No, we do not offer binary option trading.

No, you cannot change the base currency of your existing trading account. If you want, you can open an additional trading account and choose the base currency of your preference.

In case of any inactivity (i.e. no trading activity on the specific trading account) or the client adopted any kind of trading strategy which is deemed abusive, the Company reserves the right to charge clients all fees which have been suffered by the Company that are related to the client's specific deposit and withdrawal, irrespective of the payment method used. You can always refer to our Client Services Agreement.

If you have not found the answers you were looking for in here, please send your questions to [email protected]

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