We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new feature in our Client Portal, Wallet Accounts.

Each client will now be able to fund their wallet instead of each trading account that they might have, making funding your trading account faster, seamless and more efficient.

In addition to the added perk of speed, Wallet Accounts also offer considerable increased risk management possibilities as you are now able to ensure that each trading account has enough funds to maintain your open position without risking the rest of your capital. Wallet Accounts also feature the added benefit of seamless fund distribution which allows testing various trading strategies much more efficient.

Additionally, Wallet Accounts offer the opportunity to unlock better conditions without depositing the funds needed for VIP or Elite accounts in your trading account. By depositing the required amount for VIP or Elite in your Wallet Account, you will be eligible for these accounts without needing to fund the trading account directly.

For more information contact our support team at [email protected] or visit your Client Portal.